Government of Haryana
charter 3


(Application form for permission to consult records)


The Director-General,
Archives Department,
Haryana, Panchkula.

Sir/ Madam,

I hereby apply for enrolment as a research scholar for consulting records in the Research Room of the Haryana State Archives. I agree to comply with the rules and conditions in force and promise to deposit a copy of each of my work based on the materials consulted at Haryana State Archives immediately after the publication.

  1. Name, including Surname:
  2. Father's/ Husband's Name:
  3. Date of Birth:
  4. Qualification:
  5. Nationality:
  6. Profession:
  7. Subject of Research:
  8. University/ Institutions* registered with:
  9. Period for which admission is sought:
  10. Signature and date:
  11. Address

(i) Local: (ii) Permanent:

Particulars of records to be consulted:

Department Period Remarks

* Scholars are requested to attach a letter of recommendation from their University/ Institution/ Department. However, the foreign scholars are requested to bring a letter of accredition from the diplomatic representatives of their country in India as well.