Research Facilities

    Like all Archives through-out the world, the State Archives also provides research facilities to bonafide research scholars. Researchers from all over India and often from foreign countries come to the research room of this Archives.

    But the foreign Research Scholar who has got permission to consult records in the National Archives of India or any other State Archives previously, should produce a letter. After getting such letter/clearance, the Director, Haryana State Archives would also permit him/her to consult records.

    A good number of research scholars have made use of records and books in this Archives. A list of such research scholars is LINKED to Annexure VII.

    Archival Awakening

    Public Relations

    In order to arouse consciousness in public for the preservation of records lying in private custody and acquaint the students as wells as the public with the cultural, historical and research value of records, this Archives has been organizing exhibitions at various places in Haryana. The Archives has also organized exhibitions in other States on various occasions. A list of exhibitions arranged by this Archive is given at Annexure VIII.

    This Archives is also an Institutional member of the International Council on Archives, Indian Historical Records Commission, National Committee of Archivists, Association of Indian Archivists, Indian History Congress and Punjab History Conference etc. The officers of this Archives have been attending various conferences, seminars and meetings organized by these august bodies.

    Citizen Charter

    Citizen Charter is a tool to carry out the constitutional responsibility to publish information necessary for the general public in a user-friendly and transparent system of governance. It is a document, which lists the services provided by the Organization/ Department. With the passage of Freedom of Information Act, 2002 the Citizen Charter has become a statutory requirement. Therefore, this Archives has prepared its Citizen Charter, which is given at Annexure IX